My Very First Blog Post !

So… I think it’s finally time… I’m fed up of all the “guru” advice I keep getting bombarded with and I’m taking a stand.

See, I have to admit, this is my 1st ever blog and you know why?

Well, it’s because I want to build an online business and live that “internet lifestyle” that everyone claims is so easy to achieve. The truth is, I want the freedom to work when and from wherever I want, and I want to help others to do the same.

This goal sounds so simple really, just as simple as it did 8 months ago when I first started my make money online journey.

Let me explain my short story. I got started online 8 months ago when I finally realized how much I hated my day job.

I was working at a chemical recycling factory sifting and sorting through all the S*** that comes through that place. While the guy I was working for continued to laugh his way to the bank each week, I slaved it out and worked countless hours for minimum wage. Here, take a look at me grinding it out at the factory;

Recyclex Grind

When I first got started 8 months ago I promised myself that this was a fresh start. I was going to be be a millionaire and in just a few short months!

I was 22 years old and I kept hearing all this noise about ex-cons, alcoholics, and people who didn’t even pass high-school achieving massive success and becoming online millionaires.

So what did I do?

Well, I kept working my day job but devoted all my free time to learning what making money online was all about. I quickly found the Warrior Forum and Warrior Special Offer section.

As I ventured through the threads on there I got caught up and read one the whole way through. The author was really making some great promises that seemed almost too good to be true. If I purchased his product I was supposedly going to make some absurd amount of money in the next week…. something like $42,068.34 ..

I kept scrolling and when I got to the bottom the price tag was only $17. I couldn’t believe it!

All these claims and only $17?!?!

Well, I had to buy it so that I could quit my recycling job in the next week to instead become an online millionaire!

The funny thing is, at the time I actually believed that I was going to turn the knowledge from this PDF report I bought into millions of dollars…

I went through the entire course and took in all of the information that night. I slept for about 3-4 hours then went back to my job.

I remember that day at work. I honestly wasn’t even tired from the lack of sleep. I was so pumped up and high on emotion from what I learned in the course because I thought I was the next millionaire.

Well, over the next couple days that high slowly wore off, and to my complete surprise the number in my bank account DID NOT get any larger…

So what did I do next you ask?

I bought up the next report that promised millions, then the next, then the next…

Heck, in the last 8 months I bought so much useless garbage that my computer is filled with products, and all this information is just sitting there collecting digital dust!

I’ve spent far too much time waiting online for the cash to roll into my bank account, and guess what … It NEVER happened.

My online earnings to date: $0 ..  This is where it all starts

So now I’ve finally decided that I’m going to relentlessly pursue that success I was promised, with my full effort and determination, and I know that I will achieve it. There you go, to all the doubters and self-proclaimed “gurus” out there, I’ve admitted it live and online that I will be the next online success.

Whatever it takes, I WILL do it…

So it’s time for me to set my first goal – To make my first $10 online.

I have to tell you, after 8 long months of learning tons of online skills such as traffic generation, list building, social media marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, CPA, PPC, I still had not made my first dollar online. I knew it was time to get a kick in the butt from someone who would actually care, someone who could help me succeed.

I finally stumbled on a great program with none other than Alex Jeffrey’s. If you have never heard of Alex then you need to Google his name right now! He’s a great marketer from the UK, and I want to sincerely thank him for the advice he has given me over the last couple days. I look forward to meeting you Alex! I know that my life is about to change now…

Anyways, sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let everyone know a little about myself and where I came from. I will be documenting my online journey here on this blog so I hope many people will follow my progress and achieve their goals as well.

While I was typing up that last paragraph I just thought of a great idea though. It just popped into my head so while it’s still fresh I gotta run and put it into action. Like I said, I gotta make my first $10 online so it’s time to make it happen. Like Alex said, “if you’re not marketing, you’re not making any money.”

So look, come visit my blog again sometime soon to check up on my progress. I seriously need to go put this plan into action but I promise you will benefit from it in the end. I’m going to be updating this blog with all the marketing strategies that make me money so look for a post real soon!

If this is something that gets you fired up and excited then I’d really love to hear from you. Just leave your comments below and let me know what you make of this and how you can relate.

Oh ya, don’t forget to include your blog address so that I can visit you also.

So, after 8 long months I’m going to take action and make a BIG CHANGE!

I hope you’re ready for this journey because it’s going to be an adventure and it would truly be great if we could achieve success together!



PS- Can you relate to my story?  I’d love to hear from you guys so please post your comments below, the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

If you want to start an online business then let’s do it together! Post your comments below and let’s get this started!



  1. Hi Dan, I can relate 100% with this blog post.I have also jumped from one shiny object to another wasting a lot of money in the process. I have now put a stop to that and I am focusing on building my business. It is so easy to get distracted by all the”noise”. My latest blog post tells the whole story and as you will see there are a lot of similarities to yours.
    All the best,

  2. will cowan

    Great post man. Honestly as I was reading it I was thinking to myself this guy is going to be successful. Alex Jeffreys is the man. One of the best guys to learn from thats for sure. Good luck.

  3. Hey Dan,

    I feel for your struggles. I have gone through many myself before I was actually able to make real money online. The funny thing is that I’m doing the exact same thing that you are doing here. I have also started up a personal blog where I will be documenting my failures and successes, and I hope that others can have an easier time with it than I did.

    Good luck! I’ll check back to see how things are moving for you.

    • Dan

      Sounds good Jeroen, thanks for stopping by! I hope you can help to try and hold me accountable!

  4. I have spent a ton of money and not made a dime!!!!
    Some real help would be appreciated!”
    What am I doing wrong.Should I just try affiliate marketing or drop shipping???


    • Dan

      Hey Sherrill,
      I know exactly where you’re coming from! I have heard good things about drop shipping but I just think it’s a little out of my range right now. I’ll be publishing a post tomorrow about how I made my FIRST moneys online with affiliate marketing. I hope this post will help to clear things up a little for you!

  5. Hi Dan.
    Welcome to the club mate. It’s the same story with a lot of us that were stuck in the 95 or is that 98 percentile that stuggle with internet marketing for months and like me years failing, before finding a group like this and someone like Alex who can really turn things around.
    Look forward to reading re- your progress.

    Taske care.


    • Dan

      Hey Tasi, thanks for the kind words bro! I checked out your blog also and I think we will all be able to help each other… that’s the whole purpose of Online Together!

  6. Syed Ashiq Ellahi

    Dan you are absolutely right I have done the same mistake of spending too much on product after product, but after that I got frustrated with internet marketing, however I am still searching to make some money online can you please give some advise how to start from scratch.
    Syed Ashiq Ellahi

    • Dan

      Hey Syed,

      My best advice to you would be not to give up on your dreams. You will never make any money if you quit something as soon as you run into your first challenge. You have to overcome those challenges and have the will to push through and continue to take action.

      • This is classic! How to make money oninle fast Newsflash: How quick is quick? How much is enough?Lets be realistic here; if anyone know the answer to this, then money and poverty should be things of the past.But still and if you are not careful yourself, you might see red’ anytime soon.I was in your situation last 2 years and guess what? Co-incidentally I was also looking for the same thing how to replace what I own off-line/from my job with some oninle income.And boy did I slave myself to making websites, blogs, etc.And I started with affiliate marketing.Then I move to resale rights But I confessed; if I knew the things I now know, I won’t be making silly, unprofitable mistake back then.But mistake was made and it was inevitable. I keep making mistakes like program hopping’, and changing concept from Day 1. And I have too little money to show in the end.And I end up looking for a new job. But the passion for making money oninle from the comfort of my home never die. I’m still looking.And if my answer piss you of because there’s no link to magic money making program’, well, there’s really no magic bullet. There’s no band aids.There are just hard work, research, develop marketing method that works, and rinse and repeat. I should have known. Been there, done that myself.But one thing I never regret starting with. And it has been my core principle for making money oninle. I list it in my resource.Hope this help.

        • Dan

          Hey Sharon, thanks for your comment! I agree wholeheartedly because the truth is there is no substitute for hard work. The “Gurus” make you believe that you can be making thousands of dollars a day in a couple days but the truth is this is not attainable.

          That’s why I started this blog because I will be sharing real marketing systems that work in the real world. These systems only pay off if you put in the hard work!


  7. Hey Dan,
    Great post, I know how you feel. It’s been five long years since I started my online journey. I still do not have a consistent income or real business to speak of. I know it is within me to make it happen. I have also started following Alex Jeffrey’s as well. Good luck with your internet journey my friend. Best of luck to you!

  8. By the way, that job looks like a whole lotta no fun LOL :)

    • Dan

      Hey Jace,

      Thanks for the kind words bro! I have no doubt in my mind that we WILL make this happen together!

      BTW, that job is definitely NOT fun! LOL

  9. Great post. I liked your Facebook page. I am also beginning my internet marketing career and like you – I am still aiming for the first 10$. I made money online before but just from writing articles. I’m still trying to figure out a good business model to put into action. Good luck! I hope we can achieve our goals!

    • Dan

      Hey Tim,

      Don’t worry you will make that first $10 and more. You just have to be determined and don’t give up. Join my list and feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.

  10. Harry

    Hi Dan,
    Great post my friend, like everyone else I can truly relate to your story.
    I have bought into the get rich quick scams to find nothing works, Except hard work and determination.
    I’m also lucky enough to be following Alex Jeffrey’s and with his help and guidance them I’m positive we WILL finally begin to reap the rewards of our HARD work.
    Keep at it my friend,

  11. Dan

    Thanks Tim and Harry, I really appreciate the encouragement. The support has been overwhelming so far which is a nice change from “What The Hell Are You Doing Following Your Dreams – You’re Gonna Fail – Go Back To School!”

    This hard work I’m doing WILL allow me to reap the rewards though so I’m not worried!

  12. Dude, keep going, never give up, you will succeed.

    I’ve been trying to make my first $ online for over a year now, i’m so close i can almost taste it. I can’t wait to check back in soon and see you’ve made some $$$.

    Best of luck mate.

    • Dan

      Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the kind words man! I have indeed made my first money online now and am scaling up the process. How have you faired?

  13. Kudos for laying it all out there Dan! While I have been fortunate enough to make enough money online to scrap by each month, barely, the jumping from one shiny object to another is what kept me from actually truly becoming successful. In the end, I was no better off than someone in your position. So yes, I can definitely relate!

    You took the best step you could by following Alex. If we all put his advice into action, can you imagine how awesome our lives will become? Looking forward to joining in with you!

    • Dan

      Hey Joanne,

      Thanks so much! My life is changing each day and it is already so awesome!

      I believe that we can all live this awesome internet lifestyle together and that’s why I started this blog. Thanks for the comment love :)

  14. Hi Dan,

    Good luck with the new project here, hopefully you have learned a lot from your previous experiences and will be more successful here. Collaboration with others in your field is an essential component of success in nearly any type of business, and I think that is especially true online so I like the direction you’re starting to take here. Stick with it, don’t give up!

    • Dan

      Thanks for the kind words Steve. I took a quick gander at your forex site and it looks really good. I’m going to have to do some design work on this blog soon I’m pretty sure…

  15. M C M

    I can 100% relate to your personal experience because currently I am going to the same. To date I have made $0 online and spend alot of money. I am from South Africa, for $1 we pay R8, so I is getting really expensive for me at the moment. I still believe that I will succeed because I am crazy enough to believe or think it. I believe that there is a better life waiting for me.

    • Dan

      Don’t worry man I was exactly where you were. Don’t get discouraged because things will work out for the best if you take action on what you learn!

      If you truly believe you WILL succeed then you WILL!

      Don’t give up…

  16. Dan

    Hey everyone, thanks so much for the support and kind words!

    I appreciate you all taking the time to read through my story. A few of you have been asking me if I can create a mailing list for my blog so I’ve finally got it sorted out. If you want to be updated via email when I make a new post make sure to join my mailing list on the right side of my site!


  17. Great post – good luck! I know the feeling…..

    best wishes,


  18. Basha

    Hey Dan,
    I have visited more than 1000′s of blogs and sites for some good info’s on how to make money online, but this is the first time ever i felt like reading the entire blog until end from start, guess why? the first stage of yours is what i’m still facing, so many WSO’s bought but still struggling, not because i’m lazy its because i’m a newbie i’m totally from a different field of education and nothing related to internet or computer, many wso’s promise that its suitable for newbie but may be i’m newbiest newbie.. from your photo up there i see myself, i still sleep only 4 hrs , 12 hrs day work and remaining trying to learn something online.. you know what i started surfing net for part time jobs to make some additional income .. the slowly started getting interested in IM, i have learnt some basics of all this SEO, PPC blogs for now.. you have replied a buddy tomorrow you will post how did your first sale of 10$ but i cannot find can you help me and send me a link..
    how did you find Mr. Alex’s product, and how much does it costs? do i need to invest on anything more than buying his product? can yo send me the link to Mr.Alex’s product?
    I thanks and well done bro!!

  19. It’s always good to know you’re not the only one when you think you are!
    I started business online about 2 years ago.

    I made a little money a few months after I started, but still not nearly enough to work 2 hours a week, take 7 vacations a year, owning a Porsche, Jag and Mercedes… Okay, okay… I would’ve been okay with just the Mercedes, but you get me ;)
    Seriously, I put a lot of time, money and effort into becoming successful online, like the gurus “promised” I would be. But it didn’t happen.

    The good part is it pushed me to do some more “research of self” and I discovered a lot about me, my true drive and ambition and what way I needed to take my business. In a way, I was a living example of what I teach people now.
    So just recently I launched a new site, as I started living one of my dreams as an author. Also, I’ll set up a life coaching site soon.
    And just like you, I started to work together with others. And this feels much better!

    I guess my message is “keep the faith”, as corny as that sounds. But never ever give up! Just keep learning, improving and as soon as you allow yourself, you’ll be on the right path.
    Set your goals and stay focused. And stay connected.

    So all the best to you, my friend and to everybody else. Thanks for starting this blog, I’ll be sure to follow.

    Ps I don’t consider myself an expert (yet), but if you need help with anything, let me know. If I can help, I will. If I can’t…I will ;)

    • Dan

      Hey Marvin,

      Thanks for your post. I agree completely with you because it would have been so easy for me to give up 8 months ago…

      But I didn’t and that’s why I’m still here trying my best each day, and it’s finally paying off!


  20. Kevin Dahlberg

    I’ve been in your same shoes. I haven’t bought an Internet marketing product for awhile. Why? Because I actually invested in a program and am focusing on learning everything I can from it. And it’s not some cheap WSO either.

    I made my first cash online the other day. It was a pretty cool feeling even thought I have no idea how to duplicate it consistently. Try that for frustrating. I offered a service on fiverr and got somebody to buy.

    Right now I’m creating a product in a non-IM niche and hopefully will find a more consistent way to make money. Good luck on the journey. I’ll be stopping by to keep tabs.

    • Dan

      Sounds good Kevin!

      Just curious, what niche are you creating a product in?

      Product creation is the fastest way to start making a full-time income online.

  21. Hey, Dan! I saw your signature on the WarriorForum and was really excited about it’s honesty. I love case study blogs!

    I’m curious though; what type of business will you be running & implementing? I assume you’ll be focusing on just the one thing and developing that?

    • Dan

      Hey Kat, thanks for checking in :)

      I am creating a sales funnel right now – that’s the only thing i’m working on right now.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story Dan. I also found your website from Warrior forum signature link and I can’t wait to read how you progress in your IM journey. Will you be documenting all of your case study in this blog? Similar to you, I’ve also made a few sales here and there a couple of years ago when I started dabbling in internet marketing. But I took a break for a while due to my uni study and also since I’ve got a job as an engineer, I’ve got no time to update and promote my websites anymore. Now I’ve already quit my engineering job (which I hate so much) after working at that hellish company for 6 months and I’m focusing on my IM business right now, while also helping my parents’ business at the same time. Btw, have you also quit your job at the chemical factory?

    • Dan

      Hey Felix, sounds like you are on the right track! My brother is actually in electrical engineering so I can relate to the amount of work you have to do. I quit my job at the chem factory a while ago because it was killing my health! Also, I’m fully focused on my internet business now and trying to scale my income. It seems like we are in somewhat of the same situation… make sure to jump on my list and keep in touch!

  23. Jim

    Hi Dan, I really enjoyed your post. I can relate so much to your story. I also have jumped from opportunity to opportunity with zero results. I will follow your story with interest. Best Wishes Jim.

  24. Hey Dan,

    I just saw your signature on the Warrior Forum and it made me chuckle! ;-) So as someone who’s at a similar stage as yourself I just had to come and check out your blog. And whadyaknow? You’re an Alex Jeffreys student too! He’s the real deal and it’s his teaching that has gotten me off my butt and actually moving forward. If we implement what he teaches we WILL make it! All the best dude and I look forward to following your success :-)


  25. Hey Dan, awesome post and a great way to get started! (Money Trigger? ;D)

    We sound pretty damn similar in the amount of crap we bought that wasn’t what we really needed. It’s just a roadblock to keep the tire kickers out!!! …Or so I keep telling myself.

    I wish you all the luck and I’ll be back to check out updates on your success.

    • Dan

      Hey Mike, thanks for the love buddy… and yes this was my Money Trigger, I saw it was yours also…

  26. raj

    hey dan,after reading your stories,it seems that we all share common interest,making money online,well i have spent a few hundreds to buy guide from “self porclaim” gurus and still haven’t gain a single dime..

    • Dan

      hey Raj, send me an email and I will try to help you out (send to workwithdanbrown [at] gmail . com)